Welcome to Sattva Connect Courses! Here is an opportunity for you to deepen your knowledge into the yogic teachings and practices. The conscious person is always committed to learning. We offer a great variety of courses to support your growing understanding. Sattva Connect is Your Support to an Awakened Life!

Chandogya Upanishad
( 6 )
Course Price
$489 USD

The Chandogya Upanishad is a powerful guide to intelligent living. It explores the nature of reality and of Self through a conversation (samvad) between a father and son and encourages us to harness the power of Saraswati by looking at the sequential unfolding of Vak (speech) and the creative power that it has. Begin your journey inward and upward now.

Course Benefits
  • Explore the supreme wisdom embedded in the Chandoya Upanishad
  • Understand the principles that govern the reality in which we live
  • Align yourself with higher intelligence in a deeper way
  • Gain clear insight on how to make radical shifts in your life
  • Discover the power of Sankalpa (intention initiated at the subtlest level of being)
Course Offerings
  • 13 Transformative Wisdom Meetings
  • PDF Handout (supporting material)
  • Lifetime Access to Listen and Re-listen
Ayurveda: Your Pathway To Self-Healing
( 3 )
Course Price
$149 USD

A course exploring Ayurveda as an integrated pathway of holistic wellness.

Course Benefits
  • Discover the True Source of Energy and How to Access It
  • Learn Tongue and Face Self-Analysis
  • Learn How to Cope with Stress and Change
  • Learn Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals
  • Discover How to Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Course Offerings
  • Lifetime Access to Listen and Re-listen
  • PDF Handouts on Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals
  • Practices to Apply the Wisdom for Direct Experience
  • 6 Wisdom Sessions on the Fundamentals of Ayurveda
The Yoga of Love
Course Price
$333 USD

A course exploring the integrated yogic path as a life of Love and, how it shows up in every area of life. Empower yourself and experience a life of love.

Course Benefits
  • Explore the way Love shows up in each unique field of life
  • Experience the techniques to embody a state of Love
  • Learn the meaning behind Yoga as Love
  • Empower yourself and embody Yoga as Love
Course Offerings
  • 12 Wisdom Sessions
  • 2 PDF handouts (supporting material)
  • 12 Integrated practices, including Kriya, Meditation, Japa & Puja
  • Practices to put the wisdom into direct experience
Teachings of the Himalayan Yogis for Full Value Living
( 6 )
Course Price
$216 USD

Join Himalayan Master Anand Mehrotra for a powerful 4-day retreat, filmed at Sattva in the Himalayas. Dive deep into the supreme wisdom and technology of the Himalayan Yogis, raising your vibration and your consciousness state through the Sattva integrated practice.

Course Benefits
  • Discover the power of Sankalpa (an intention formed by the heart + mind)
  • Gain clarity on what your life truly stands for
  • Learn to LIVE a LIFE of FULL VALUE
Course Offerings
  • Full immersion into the Sattva Yogic practices
  • 5 Transformative Wisdom Talks with Anand Ji
  • 4 Live Sessions of Kirtan and Samaveda Chanting
  • 2 Morning Aartis led by Vedic Pandits
  • Sri Yantra Meditation
  • Himalayan Yogi Artwork
  • Lifetime Access to Listen and Re-listen
The Art of Relating
( 17 )
Course Price
$108 USD

Join Anand Ji, a Himalayan Master, for an eye-opening and transformational wisdom series filmed during his 2018 Australian Tour.

Course Benefits
  • Radically shift the way you relate
  • Learn the principles of dharmic relating – evolutionary relationships
  • Expand your parameters of love and enter relationships from a place of celebration
  • Attune your vibration and place yourself in the flow
Course Offerings
  • 10 Transforming Wisdom Talks.
  • Art of Relating Artwork
  • PDF Handout (supporting material)
  • Lifetime Access to Listen and Re-listen
The Alchemy of Life
( 39 )
Min. $54 USD

Join Anand Ji, a Himalayan Master, for a powerful 6-part wisdom series, filmed live during his 2019 Australian Tour. We are sharing this wisdom with you now as it is the deep need of the hour to awaken that curiosity within, to align yourself with higher intelligence in a deeper way. The Alchemy of Life wisdom series will help you understand the guiding principles that govern the reality we live in. You will gain the wisdom needed to transform yourself and your life. You are the Alchemist!

Course Benefits
  • Understand the principles that govern the reality in which we live
  • Align yourself with higher intelligence in a deeper way
  • Raise your vibration and your consciousness state
  • Access wisdom to transform yourself and your life
Course Offerings
  • 6 Transformative Wisdom Talks, 2 hours each
  • Alchemy of Life Artwork
  • PDF Handout (supporting material)
  • Lifetime Access to Listen and Re-listen
The Bhagavad Gita
( 12 )
Course Price
$1350 USD

The Bhagavad Gita, the most famous yogic text, as given by Himalayan Master Anand Mehrotra. Profound in its implications and scope, it addresses humanity as a whole about how to transcend boundaries and conflict and, ultimately, move in the direction of light. These epic stories were taught to elevate, liberate and transform the receiver. No other resource in the world encompasses such vast, comprehensive teachings, addressing the fundamental evolution of being.

Course Benefits
  • Explore the supreme wisdom embedded in the Gita’s eighteen chapters
  • Gain practices to master your mind, unite head and heart, wisdom and devotion
  • Learn what it means to live from a place of equanimity and love
Course Offerings
  • 36 discourses, approximately 2 hours each
  • Lifetime access to listen and re-listen
  • Heart-felt Kirtan, performed by various musicians
  • Course-specific Bhagavad Gita Sadhana (spiritual) practices guided by Anand
Joga ir gerovė
( 1 )
Course Price
$160 USD

Žinios ir praktikos sveikam, laimingam, bei sėkmingam gyvenimui.

Course Benefits
  • Iškarto pagerėjusi savijauta.
  • Sumažėjęs nerimas ir streso lygis.
  • Lankstus, stiprus, grakštus, bei sveikesnis kūnas.
  • Patirtis leidžianti tęsti jogos užsiėmimus savarankiškai.
Course Offerings
  • 6 Kurso skyriai su 18 video įrašų.
  • 5 Pilnos jogos pamokos.
  • 10 Paskaitų apie jogą, samoningumą ir darnaus gyvenimo dėsnius.
  • Prisijungimas prie uždaros Facebook grupės.
The Devotional Path of Chanting
( 5 )
Course Price
$290 USD

A Sattva Course in Kirtan, Mantra and the Alchemy of Sound

Course Benefits
  • Learn the sacred art of chanting and expand the electromagnetic field of the heart
  • Experience bliss with traditional chanting music from the Himalayas
  • Quiet the mind, elevate consciousness and create a transformative energy within and without
Course Offerings
  • Over 45 master classes on mantra, harmonium and kirtan
  • A comprehensive guide to playing the harmonium from beginners to advanced
  • Learn how to chant and play 11 different kirtans and the meaning behind them.
  • Earn 10CE credits with yoga alliance
Enlivening the Spirit
( 23 )
Min. $10 USD

A rare opportunity to join Anand Ji, a living Master in the Himalayas, for a five-day online retreat.

Course Benefits
  • Enliven the spirit, nourish the soul and arrive at a state of unity within yourself during these current times
  • Raise your vibration and your consciousness
  • Experience the integrated practice of Sattva. Stabilize, energize and purify the body, mind and soul
Course Offerings
  • Eight Enlivening Wisdom Talks
  • Three Transformative Sattva Yoga Journeys
  • Daily Guided Meditations
    & Sacred Ritual of Puja
  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Intention Setting and Kirtans
The Road to Dharma
( 3 )
Course Price
$69 USD

Now through the power of The Road to Dharma DocuSeries, combined with an Online Course, we can fully engage in this quest of LIVING A LIFE OF FREEDOM. The ten-episode DocuSeries inspires us like only a story can, with an adventure to four Himalayan sacred sites, that reveal secrets of FREEDOM.

Course Benefits
  • Find Freedom in Any Circumstance.
  • Learn to Shift Your Energy. It’s Your Freedom.
  • Overcome the Fear that Binds You.
  • Know and Access Your True Greatness.
Course Offerings
  • Ten Audio Meditation Practices
  • Ten In-Depth Chapters
  • Ten Dharma Talks (over 5 hours)
  • Ten Stunning Episodes