Self-Realization. Self-Mastery. Radical Aliveness. Freedom.

The teachings and practices at Sattva Connect are designed to serve your evolutionary path, to take you to a higher state of consciousness. Our purpose here is to evolve. It is our nature to grow and expand. At any given moment in life, you are either in alignment with the creative intelligence and evolutionary impulse of the Universe or you are resisting it. When you are resisting the impulse of the creative intelligence, you suffer. When you are in alignment with it, you are thriving.

One of the significant aspects of a great life is to be able to have progressively adaptive change in our lives. The yogic teachings at Sattva Connect will give you tools, practices, and wisdom that you can apply to have that progressive shift and change in your life. The teachings are meant to guide you along the way. Sattva Connect is a valuable resource for accessing a higher state of consciousness through teachings that will quicken your pathway to evolution.

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