Sharp Intellect. Intuition. Presence. Inner Resolve.

The teachings and practices are designed specifically to refine and expand your consciousness, to refine your senses and increase your perception, to heighten your awareness, to stabilize your nervous system, and to correct your intellect so that you can gain a greater access to your higher mind, your innate wisdom, and supreme knowledge. The practices are designed to elevate your energy and consciousness so that you may experience clarity on all levels of being, that is, the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels. As you evolve within your journey, you will experience greater and greater clarity in all aspects of your life – clear thinking, a clear mind, clear nervous system, clear body, and clear heart.

The yogic teachings and practices help you stay centered, focused, clear, and in equanimity. You see more, you understand more. There is clarity of thought and energy. Your presence increases. Your access to your intuition, your deep inner knowing, increases.

You increase your capacity to be with life as it is presented to you at any moment in time. Whether an event seems favorable or unfavorable, your clarity remains. You flow in the direction of growth along your evolutionary journey and invite the support of universal natural intelligence. The teachings and practices increase your capacity to remain clear. An evolved being is clear. Nature supports clear living. We thrive in clarity. Clarity breeds purposefulness. Without clarity, there is no purposefulness. We cannot live purposefully without clarity.

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